Welcome to BubbleRings.com. I'm David Whiteis, and like many independent inventors, I'm looking for that one phone call from a potential investor or partner, that can help me get my inventions on the market.

I have two product lines that I am trying to get out to the world. My bubble ring generators create amazing bubble rings. Click on "Videos & stills" to the right, to see cool video, including dolphins chasing the rings.

See more videos under the link "Videos & stills" on the right:

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American Inventor and BubbleRings.com

My other recent invention is called a Video Gift Box, and it got me to the final group of 24 in ABC's new TV show, American Inventor. Click on the "Products" link to the right to learn more about it.

Also, did you see the animation that played near the beginning of every episode, with the lightning and the words American Inventor slowly rising up from a pool of water? Yes, those were my bubble rings that you see in the water. They also hid bubble rings in the
ABC Logo, check it out.

Cool Videos

The photos on the right are my navigation menu. Click on "Videos & stills" to see more bubble rings videos.